Towering Tots School

Benue State, Nigeria
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Towering Tots School is a creche, nursery & primary School located at Kanshio,Benue State.

Adedolapo Vaatia

10th of January, 1983

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At Towering Tots, We have created an innovative, inspiring learning community, where children, teachers and parents all learn alongside each other. we endeavour to develop a love of learning and a safe and supportive environment that is inclusive and caring

we inspire our children to grip the challenges of learning equipping them with the skills, confidence and determination to succeed. To provide broad based educational experiences which incorporate: social, physical, personality and intellectual development To expose pupils to opportunities for sound and relevant literacy skills. Appropriate sensitization to the environment Keen community spirit, open-mindedness and self-confidence.

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  • health center
  • play field
  • library

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